Eastern Egg Rock, Maine

lobster boat maine

We made one boat trip while in Maine, from where we stayed on Hog Island out to Eastern Egg Rock to drop off research interns and look for puffins. It was a cold and wet trip and the poor interns had to unload and row to the island in the rain and choppy water. A fun trip though and we did see some puffins and seabirds.


Hog Island to Eastern Egg Rock.

eastern egg rock
Eastern Egg Rock – Puffins, Terns, and Guillemots.

2 thoughts on “Eastern Egg Rock, Maine

  1. Hi David,
    First of all I want to tell you how much I like your work. Amazing beauty in simplicity, clean lines and soft colors to show the essence of nature. I love it :)
    I would like you to see how I played with parts of your paintings on my work. I hope you are ok with that and maybe happy to know that your fish are in the ocean!?!
    Check it out here on http://www.elleciel.com/boards-gallery/no-113/

    Thank you very much :)
    PS: I put your blog address on my site and on Elleciel’s FaceBook page

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