Shark Teeth of the Chesapeake Illustration

fossil shark teeth illustration

Fossil Shark Teeth of the Chesapeake Bay
Watercolor illustration, 2013

8×10 Print:

Chesapeake shark teeth

1.   Megalodon
2.   Sand Tiger Shark
3.   Snaggletooth Shark (upper tooth)
4.   Snaggletooth Shark (lower tooth)
5.   Sevengill Cow Shark
6.   Tiger Shark
7.   Mako Shark
8.   Hammerhead Shark
9.   Gray Shark
10.  Angel Shark
11.  Thresher Shark
12.  Megatooth Shark
13.  Longfin Mako Shark
14.  Lemon Shark
15.  Mako Shark
16.  Bronze Whaler Shark
17.  Tiger Shark
18.  Megatooth Shark

Thank you for reference and info! A great resource for fossil collectors on the East Coast.

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