Watercolor Paintings

I did some work on my watercolor portfolio and added a good amount of new and older work – which you can find at dswatercolors.com

feathers watercolor painting

This is one of my newer watercolors. A group of fun striped feathers from various woodpeckers and other birds.

cat portrait watercolor

I started painting more cat portraits this year. Painting cats has it’s own quirks and it fun how different they are from the dog watercolors. A new gallery for my cat portraits and watercolors: http://www.dswatercolors.com/gallery/cat-watercolors

fruit watercolor illustrations

This is some watercolor illustration work I did for Cheribundi. Fruit illustrations for their cherry juices. In the new commercial illustration gallery.

teabag watercolor

Also added some older watercolors I’ve done, like this teabag. Mostly still life work.

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